SS Laser Marking Machine

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We have been in the business of Manufacturing Fiber Laser marking machine, Laser cutting machine, Laser welding Machine & customized laser machine solution provider for the long decade.

At Axicon Automation, we design and build a variety of automation laser processing systems like simple parts handling, Rotary marking, HMI Controlled automation marking system, Conveyor system which typically integrates our On-the-Fly (OTF) technology, which processes parts as they pass through the laser field drastically increasing your throughput on manufacturing and converting lines and many more automation systems.

Laser marking is ideal for the creation of identification labels as they are extremely resistant to heat and mechanical stress. Even under the toughest conditions, laser markings on stainless steel, hardened and coated metals, some plastics and ceramics remain permanently legible. It can mark production codes, data matrix code, lettering, logos or dimensions, company name, trademark, serial number, QR code, barcode, etc. with our laser marking system.

What is new about our product?

- Life Time PERMANENT MARKING improves your branding.

- Motorized UP/DOWN for better focus.

- Nonstop 24*7 hours 365 days working.

- Maintenance-free machine.

- Top-notch design to give next-level marking process.

- High standard parts for the long lifespan of a machine.

- More technical innovation & expertise in the manufacturing process.

- Low electricity consumption.

- Onsite service support.

- Easy to operate the software.

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