Laser Parts & Accessories
Fiber Laser Marking Machine Accessories consits various spares which is used in Laser Marking Machine e.g. Laser source, Control Card, Power Supply, Scan Heaad, Lens, Red Pointers, Red Pointer Holders, Rotary, Rotary index table, Column, Beam Path, Work Plate, Cabinets etc.
Q-Switched Fiber Laser Source
The 10-100W Q-Switched Pulse Fiber Laser Series developed by Raycus is the industrial marking and micro-machining laser developed by Raycus. 
This series pulse laser has high peak power, high single-pulse energy and optional spot diameter and can be widely applied in the fields, such as marking, precision processing, graphic engraving of non-metal, gold, silver, copper and aluminum with altitude stress resistance, stainless materials without altitude stress resistance. 
Its marking process features lower cost and more stable performance compared with traditional laser. 
Accessories & Attachments
Rotary Attachment, also called the rotary attachment is a best add-on attachment for laser marking machine, it is used to engrave or mark on some round or cylinder objects.

Mainly, rotary attachment not includes in the standard configuration of Laser Marking Machine, but if you need to engrave or mark on some round or cylinder parts, it will be a necessary attachment.

software support for the rotary device of laser marking machine is also very easy by choosing the “rotary marking” menu under “laser” main menu and then set the “rotary marking” parameters.

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