The light source of the continuous fiber laser welding machine adopts a 500-2000 W fiber continuous laser,
which has a long life and a lifetime of 100,000 hours.
Product overview
1. This machine is designed according to the ergonomics, is very sophisticated and attractive and has very stable performances! It is suitable for long time continuous work which wildly expands its application range.

2. The energy of welding light spot is distributed evenly, is the best light spot needed by welding.

3. Adopts the UK ceramic light-gathering cavity, which is anti-corrosive, heat-resistant and has a long service life.

4. Its welding performance is very efficient and perfect, and the operation is very easy and convenient, it is very suitable for welding of arbitrary trajectory.

5. Equipped with a high power laser driver and a very efficient cooling system, which satisfies mass production of 24 hours.

6. Can be applied to both hand-operated and automated welding production.

7. This machine is especially suitable for the jewelry industry, no special fixtures, handheld available, microscopic magnifying cross-hair tack welding, feeding, fill sand hole, comfortable spot that points Serve.

8. Improved new laser welding machine, the machine can be spot/seam/tightness  welding on a variety of micro and small metals (titanium, nickel, aluminum, magnesium, stainless  steel, gold, silver, copper, platinum, etc.), can spot the relay contacts, floppy drives strip, the  character needles printer parts, metal pipes and welded seam tape, electro-hydraulic servo valve  core; seal welded relay housings, IC packaging, pressure meter seals, pacemakers shell,  tantalum and lithium shell. Also available on drilling and cutting on a variety of micro and small  metal devices metal plate.

9. Laser welding can be used to the welding between the same metal materials, such as Titanium, Nickel, Tin, Zinc, Copper, Aluminum, Chromium, Niobium, Gold, Silver and all kinds of Alloy.

10. This machine is applied to a variety of industries, such as Mobile Communications, Electronics, Clocks and watches, Glasses, Jewelry Accessories, Metal products, Precision Instruments, Medical Equipment, and etc.

technical parameters
Laser source : Nd:YAG
Maximum peak power :  ≤4.5 KW
Max output power : ≤200 W
Max.pulse energy : 1-80J
Wave length : 1064 nm
Pulse length : 1-5 ms
Pulse frequency : 1-6 Hz
Spot diameter : 0.2 mm-2.0 mm
Working distance : 90 mm
Program memory : 50 programs
Flash lamp : single
Laser cooling system : internal water chiller
Power supply : 220 V(±10%), 50 Hz, 25 Amp
Dimension : 840mm(L)×450mm(W)×500mm(H)
Net weight : 63 Kg