Jewellery Laser Marking Machine

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We are a leading Manufacturer of jewelery laser hallmarking machine. We offer gold hallmarking machine, silver hallmarking machine, laser jewelry hallmarking machine and jewelry hallmarking machine from Ahmadabad, India.

Fiber Laser marking is an etching process; therefore it does not cause any bruising or distortion of the metal. It is possible to mark both flat and curved surfaces. Fiber Laser hallmarking does not require any physical contact with the item. A very precise fiber Fiber Laser-engraving machine applies it. The valuable items may be damaged or distorted if marked by the old punching methods. The finished article does not need to be refinished. Fiber Lasers not only improve the clarity of the mark but they also allow items as small as rings or earrings to be marked. The deep Fiber Laser marking is long-lasting and retains excellent definition even after polishing.


  • Low electricity consumption.
  • On site service support.
  • Easy to operate software.
  • Nonstop 24*7 hours 365 days working.
  • Maintenance-free machine.
  • Make in India