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Online Laser Marking Machine For HDPE/PPR/UPVC/PVC and LLDPE Pipes.

  • Online Laser Marking can mark as per user Programming on different intervals.
  • Laser Marking Machines eliminates the consumable and more durable then Inkjets Coders.
  • High Speed Drip irrigation pipe laser marking machine prints/marks on HDPE, PPR, UPVC, PVC and LLDPE Pipes.
  • No any consumables such as inks and solvents.
  • High speed marking can be done on Drip Pipes with the help of synchronization with the line speed of extrude with the motors.
  • The marking does not penetrate in to the actual pipe wall, thus no wall thickness reduction.
  • Considerable cost savings in maintenance are achieved compared to ink jet printing solutions.
  • No health hazard or risk to operators.
  • The speed in the transport direction is continually measured with an encoder signal - so even with start-and-stop processes, you can obtain consistent marking results.
  • Laser markers are high speed and can go up to 80 to 250 m/min without affecting the quality of marking.
  • High quality and fine Logos can be printed with the help of laser. Laser marker can also support grey-scale effect of logos or marking.
  • Pipe guiding system, swelling guard
  • Transparent enclosure cabinet with safety system.
  • Exhaust unit-fume suction. (Optional)
  • Heat exchanger for cooling effect. (Optional)
  • Highly reliable and accurate marking process.
  • Zero maintenance machine
  • Inbuilt laptop for easily access software. (Optional)

Technical Details:

· Printing Size mm @ Speed =
10@36 / 5@54 / 4@126 / 4@180

· Marking are= 100-300 sqmm

· Laser type = Fiber laser

· Laser Power = 20W 30W

· Consumables= Not required

*Output depends upon type of materials and processing parameter