On-the-fly CO2 Laser marking machine
30W | 60W
your solution provider for packaging applications requiring permanent clear laser marking on labels, Packaging box,Plastic tube, Printed circuit board,PET bottles,Ceramics and other non-metal materials.
Features and advantages
1. Adopts OEM Laser Tubes To Achieve Higher Efficiency And Stability, Higher Output Power, Excellent Beam Quality.
2. Maximize Marking Availability With Long-Life, Air-Cooled Laser Source, Laser Life Span Of Up To 45,000+ Hours And The Laser Tube Is Reusable.
3. Equipped With High-Resolution Marking Head Delivers Consistent, Crisp Codes At High-Quality, Permanent Codes Help Assure Product Trace-ability And Tamper-Proof With Stable Marking Performance.
4. Marking Speed Up To 10000mm/S.
5. Compact And Robust Industrial Design Suitable For Meeting High Production Requirement, Allowing 24 Hours Continuous Operation.
6. Optimized For High Volume And High Speed Production Lines.
7. Easily Integrate The Marking Operation, Even Into Production Lines That Have Space Limitations.
8. The CO2 Laser Coding System Can Be Customized To Your Needs – Available In Temperature, Different Speed, Fonts, Power, Frequency And Marking Head Specifications.
9. User-Friendly Software, Adopts Professional Software Supporting BMP, JPG, DXF, PLT, AI Etc. Formats And Various Barcodes QR Codes, Data Matrix Codes & Serial Numbers.

Applicable Industry
FLY can be used in a wide range of Industrial Products to fit any speed & marking requirements of every customer.
Packing films
Food Packaging Industry
Printed Circuit Board
Medicine Packaging Industry
Cable and wire
Soft-Drinks Packaging Industry
Pharmaceutical foil Industries
PET bottles Packaging Industry
Electrical components
Irrigation Pipes
Sticky Labels