80W | 100W | 130W | 150W CO2 Engraving & Cutting Machine

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Our machines are Ideal choice for cutting and engraving on non-metal materials, such as acrylic,wood,leather,double-color boards and also can engraving on other solid-surface materials like acrylic, rubber, glass, mirror, wood, paper and other materials

1. This Machine Comes With Strong Rigid Chassis To Insure No Deformation During Its Long Term Working Basis Even Machine Can Run At High Speed.
2. This Machine Can Utilize High-Quality Rubber Belts And Imported High Precision Linear Square Guide Or High Speed Pulley Guide Rail Withstand The Fastest Laser Head Movement And Brings High Quality Cutting Performance To Customers.
3. A OEM Laser Tube Provides Best Performance, Advanced Stability And Is Highly Efficient Working.
4. Reci Laser Tubes Are Water Cooled, Economically Replaceable, And Easily Aligned.
5. Cutting Edge Is Smoother And A Longer Life Span Is Expected In Comparison To Other Laser Tubes.
6. Specially Designed Bed Bars Are Easy To Remove And Clean. Honeycomb Table Is Also Available For Cutting Soft Materials Like Leather, Plastic, Paper Etc.
7. Adopts Professional Software That Controls The System Settings Compatible With Corel draw, Auto CAD And Photoshop.
8. Speedy Offline Control System, Support USB Output Directly, English Interface, Easy To Operate.
9. Good Vibration Absorption Units Enhance Its Machine Stability.

Our CO2 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machines Offers A Lot Option Of Cutting On Different Types Of Materials Like Acrylic, Rubber, Leather, Wood, Fabric, Plastic Etc With Relatively High Speed And More Accuracy. 
Cutting And Engraving Through CO2 Laser Is A Non-Contact System Which Gives High Quality Process To Create Complex Designs In Most Of Non-Metal Materials.

Some Of Its Most Known Applications Are In Rubber Stamp Industry, Leather Industry, Shoe Industry, Acrylic Cutting , Sign Board Industry, Home Decor, Interior Designing, Keychain Engraving Industry Etc.
By The Means Of Laser Cutting Machine You Can Also Engrave The Same Product At The Same Time With A Little Change In Parameters.

We Being One Of The Best Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers Can Provide You With The Most Available Solution To Meet Your Every Application Within Industry With World Class Quality Outputs.
We Can Also Customize Co2 Laser Machines With Various Options Like Working Area, Work Table, Power, Laser Heads Etc To Fulfill Your Requirements.