We offer everything from static laser marking systems to automatic laser marking systems with robotic integration.
About Axicon Automation
Axicon Automation is rising and thriving in the Indian Laser industry for producing a highly valuable range of Industrial machines & built our reputation on designing and building industry-leading solutions for laser-based applications, including automated and robotic parts handling, vision and validation. The sole purpose of our company is to support & uplift the quality of processes in Laser industries by providing them better machines that generates finer results of Marking & Cutting process. 
Our Mission
Our Mission is to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Fiber Laser Marking Machine and Customized Laser solution Provider. We seek to develop the most inventive, smart, and profitable Laser marking experiences and related products in the world. We believe that product should be simplistic not the complicated.
As A Leading Tech Company, We Provide Manufacturing Solutions
 In The Fields Of Laser Technology.
"We don't want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want." 
Online Laser Marking Machine For HDPE/PPR/UPVC/PVC and LLDPE Pipes.
• Online Laser Marking can mark as per user Programming on different intervals.
• Laser Marking Machines eliminates the consumable and more durable then Inkjets Coders.
• High Speed Drip irrigation pipe laser marking machine prints/marks on HDPE, PPR, UPVC, PVC and LLDPE Pipes.
• No any consumables such as inks and solvents.
• High speed marking can be done on Drip Pipes with the help of synchronization with the line speed of extrude with the motors.
• The marking does not penetrate in to the actual pipe wall, thus no wall thickness reduction.
• Considerable cost savings in maintenance are achieved compared to ink jet printing solutions.
• No health hazard or risk to operators.
• The speed in the transport direction is continually measured with an encoder signal - so even with start-and-stop processes, you can obtain consistent marking results.
• Laser markers are high speed and can go up to 80 to 250 m/min without affecting the quality of marking.
• High quality and fine Logos can be printed with the help of laser. Laser marker can also support grey-scale effect of logos or marking.
• Pipe guiding system, swelling guard
• Transparent enclosure cabinet with safety system.
• Exhaust unit-fume suction. (Optional)
• Heat exchanger for cooling effect. (Optional)
• Highly reliable and accurate marking process.
• Zero maintenance machine
• Inbuilt laptop for easily access software. (Optional)

Technical Details:

• Printing Size mm @ Speed = 10@35 / 5@50 / 4@120 / 4@180
• Marking are= 100-300 sqmm
• Laser type = Fiber laser
• Laser Power = 20W 30W
• Consumables= Not required
*Output depends upon type of materials and processing parameter
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